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Rehabilitative Recall: BFA Fashion Design Senior Thesis


I know you guys probably hate me for posting this..again but we’re so close! Please check out my project. I would be forever grateful if you could support it anyway you can. Every little bit counts and there are gifts for everyone! 

I love you all -and I’m not just saying that because I’m awkwardly asking for donations.

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Rehabilitative Recall Concept Video

Support the project here

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Rehabilitative Recall: BFA Fashion Design Senior Thesis


Hello Wonderful People of Tumblr!

This is the beginnings of an awkward conversation. I’m currently a senior in fashion design and I am attempting to raise a lot of money in a very small window of time for my senior thesis. Up there we have the link to my project. There are rewards for every donation. Please check it out

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This wall clock not only tells time but is adorned with nazar boncugu (evil eye) to ward off any negative energy from your home.

The wall hanging is silver plated and measures 4.5in x 4.5in

Buy it at our Etsy shop

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So instead of doing my summer assignment… I’ve decided to design t-shirts 

welcome to cynical studios!

(in continuing my procrastination, there will be more to come! leave any suggestions, requests, comments in the ask!)

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Welcome to Cynical Studios

So I’d thought I’d let you guys in on a little side project I’m working on called Cynical Studios.

I’ve set up my own little shop where I’m creating artwork for tees, totes, sweatshirts. I’m by no means done yet but I thought I’d give you a quick peak.(click on the title or here) I’m totally open to suggestions, if you guys want me to draw something for you PLEASE hit that inbox!

I love you guys-you’re the best!

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